Hospitality could help boost economic recovery

Leading figures in the hospitality industry assert that the sector could play an integral part in leading the UK’s economic recovery.

Ann Corrigan, the deputy chief executive of the Institute of Hospitality, made the claim following revelations that nearly one-tenth of the UK’s working population are involved in the hospitality sector (seven per cent).

According to Event Magazine, Ms Corrigan argued the event industry doesn’t yet “receive adequate recognition” for the wealth it creates the country.

“The industry covers services offered in locations as diverse as pharmaceutical manufacturing, world-class conference centres, youth hostels and hospitals, all of which should be demanding better qualified and customer focused individuals to meet the ever increasing demand for staff,” she remarked.

Jonathan Byrne, president of the International Special Event Society, was in agreement with Ms Corrigan; saying that the figure acts as a “strong indicator” for the government about the role event workers can play in rebuilding the UK economy.

“The government needs to realise that alongside the financial sector, the hospitality industry is an area it needs to invest in to support economic growth. It’s time for this sector to stand up and make its voice heard,” he said.

The news came as BBC News revealed that there are 2.68 million Britons currently unemployed.