Hospitality industry can help government employment target

The hospitality industry can help the government to meet its job creation target, according to

The head of the British Hospitality Association (BHA), Ufi Ibrahim, has said that the industry must make a pledge. Speaking at the Master Innholders Hotel General Managers’ Conference, Ms Ibraim claimed that the hospitality industry was a leading force in the UK economy.

She said: “In 2012, one-third of all new jobs created in the UK were created by the hospitality industry. So you should all be very proud that, within our economy, we really do stand out.”

She went on to say that if conference centres, function venues and other hospitality establishments around the country made a pledge to each employ one person, up to 200,000 jobs would be created. reported that the government has a target of 410,000 new jobs to be created by 2015. Ms Ibrahim also hinted that the job creation strategy would help specifically with getting younger people into employment.

A Hospitality and Tourism Summit is due to be held in June, which the chief executive wants to use as a means of encouraging businesses to recruit.

She said: “We are asking hospitality and tourism businesses from across the UK to join us at the summit to make a pledge to attract young people into hospitality, increase youth employment and reduce our skill shortages.”