Hospitality industry key target for hackers

Companies working within the hospitality industry could be at increased threat from internet hackers, a global insurance broker has claimed.

Experts at Willis said that the specific details of customers corporate venues and other hospitality-based companies keep on record makes them a key target.

“Companies that hold substantial volumes of personal, identifiable data are irresistible to web-based pirates,” said Jeremy Smith, Willis London’s cyber team practice leader, on

The news was confirmed by recent statistics, which reported a 56 per cent increase in the number of hacking-based insurance claims made in the last year – which included “an increasing proportion of victims in the hospitality industry.”

However event venues and other such businesses shouldn’t panic as there is much they can do to avoid being hacked. They can ensure their employees understand the importance of data security and that if they do pick an external company to manage their data security, they should ensure they are of a high quality.

Companies should also make it a priority to encrypt their customers’ details properly and ensure firewalls are in place to protect any wide databases of personal details.

This is particularly important given the rising intelligence of hackers, Laurie Fraser – another Willis spokesperson – confirmed on