Hospitality industry losing millions over unreturned workwear

A new study has claimed that the hospitality sector is losing about £37 million on unreturned uniforms and equipment, according to

The research was carried out by workwear specialist Alexandra. It found the figures by calculating the cost of uniforms per worker, then used the latest figures showing the total number of workers in the sector and the turnover rate.

Managing director of Alexandra, Martin Lyne, said that the research shows that those in the sector, which could be restaurant owners or those running event spaces, may want to keep a better check on whether staff return uniform and equipment after they’ve left, as profits are being wasted.

He told “Identifying all areas of potential loss is essential to understanding where companies need to make cuts. Unfortunately, among the many costs and difficult decisions facing businesses at the moment, workwear losses have seemed unimportant.”

Mr Lyne said companies could get around the lost items by implementing a uniform policy and stating in work contracts that all equipment should be returned after leaving.

He added that getting equipment and workwear back from staff was a “small investment” which could result in “big dividends” in the long-run.