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Hospitality industry sees boost thanks to hot weather

It has been claimed that many businesses in the hospitality industry are seeing a boost to business thanks to the UK heatwave.

As temperatures are soaring to 30 degrees in Britain, business is booming for those running the likes of pubs, restaurants, and event venues across the UK, according to

This isn’t surprising, considering it was also reported this week that a large number of Britons are ditching foreign holidays for staycations.

However, the Met Office has given warnings about the rising temperatures, especially for those working in the heat. Environmental health consultancy Perry Scott Nash has also urged those in the hospitality industry to be aware of the way the heat can cause ‘potentially harmful’ issues for their workers and guests.

Advice given to reduce the impact of the heat included opening any windows or blinds, ensuring that there is a constant supply of clearly-displayed drinking water and to pay special attention to any employees or guests who are older, less physically fit, on medication, pregnant, or who have heart, lung or kidney problems.

The hottest day of the year so far was on Wednesday (July 17), where some areas of the UK reached 32 degrees, according to Although the weather is expected to be cooler this weekend, next week is set to see soaring temperatures once again.