Hotels and event venues can boost revenue

Research shows that cities hosting popular and large-scale events are those that have a high demand for hotel rooms.

The study by TRI Hospitality Consulting showed that during important national events such as Wimbledon or Gay Pride, hotels saw a jump in occupancy. London hotels in particular showed a 90 per cent rise in occupancy when big events were taking place.

London festivities also helped to boost profitability in the hospitality and hotels industry by 16 per cent in June this year alone, reflecting the capital’s position as a world leader in attracting visitors from across the globe.

This news comes as a positive for both the events industry and hotel sector, with event venues and hotels working closely together to ensure increased footfall for both parties. With the Olympics fast approaching, related function venues and hotels are looking forward to an expected rise in occupancy, with many already using the Olympics as a promotional tool.

Managing Director at TRI, Jonathan Langston, commented on the survey to Meetpie, saying that the increase in room occupancy, combined with the rising number of successful events has helped to boost the economic recovery.

With summer in full swing, the UK event and hotel industries are bracing themselves for a busy, yet productive season.