How the corporate Christmas party can boost your career

The business Christmas party might be full of potential dangers, but it also provides the opportunity to network effectively, build relationships and boost careers.

The Guardian launched a question and answer session with a panel of experts who advised workers on the best way to turn the party into a tool for career progression.

Many people focusing on leaving a good impression might want to have an alcohol free night, ensuring they’ll be sprightly for work the next day and avoiding being the subject of gossip the next day.

For those who are worried that abstaining from drinking might attract negative attention, Daphne Thissen, professional networking expert,¬†advised: “When you are relaxed and settle down to have a good time, the other people won’t even notice that you are not drinking. If they do notice and comment, just be genuine and say you are happier not drinking at this moment (by responding in a non-judgemental and relaxed way you will not trigger judgement from the other person either).”

“Your professional reputation is not limited to the time you spend at your desk,” commented Richard George.

“Probably best to make sure the impression you make is based on your witty conversation, amiable nature and ability to handle any social situation, as opposed to your ability to consume vast amounts of white wine.”