How to make the right impression at a corporate event

A corporate event can be a great place to enhance a career, but people must keep some guiding principles in mind, according to a columnist.

Jim Fall wrote on that a Christmas party or other commercial occasion is a great time to speak with people higher up in the company and make some good contacts.

Referencing a list appearing in the Wall Street Journal, Mr Fall suggested that people keep their conversation casual at such events and be as upbeat as possible. He also noted the importance of keeping one’s right hand free for shaking hands – simply hold drinks in the left hand.

If people are wondering what to wear at the corporate events London regularly stages, they could follow the columnist’s advice, which involved women not wearing black or strapless dresses and men experimenting with interesting shirt-tie combinations.

Heather Huhman, founder of PR firm Come Recommended, added: “Strike up a conversation with your colleagues’ significant others. Making friends with these people can help influence your future – both within an organisation and outside of it.”

Some people may be tempted to tan their skin before an important party by going on a sunbed, but The Sun has urged them not to bother because of the health risks attached to the activity.

The newspaper told readers that they are putting themselves at a major risk of developing skin cancer by going on sunbeds regularly and recommended that people go tan-free to their respective New Year’s Eve parties this week.