How to make wedding favours, and keep the costs down

Wedding favours, once a staple of the American wedding, are becoming increasingly popular this side of the pond as more couples want to give a gift to those involved in their wedding.

According to Offbeat Bride, many bridal magazines feature ways to get beautiful, personalised wedding favours but they’re often really expensive.

In a bid to include couples with more modest budgets, Offbeat Brides has published some advice for couples that will save them a fortune when it comes to making and assembling their own favours, which can be handed out at the wedding reception.

One tip is to buy the items in bulk from a wholesaler. Traditionally, wholesalers have lower prices and when items are bought in bulk, the price is driven down further. Some wholesalers will let you place a one off order, but some won’t and you may have to ask a friend who runs a business to place the order for you.

Another thing to consider is buying from a shop that is closing down. They are likely to negotiate down the price and, if you pay in cash and take a significant amount of stock off their hands, your bargaining power will be even stronger.

They key is preparation – keep an eye out for sales over the year and snap up bargains as you come across them. Just like every other process of planning a wedding, buying items for wedding favours will be a breeze if you have sufficient time to shop around and put in a lot of work yourself.