HR director offers Christmas party etiquette tips

A director of human resources has offered her top tips to employees on how to behave at their Christmas party.

Lucy Turner of Turner HR told This is West Country that the annual party celebrations can be a social minefield for employers and employees, with some people not realising when they have crossed the line.

“Believe it or not, I have been involved in post party disciplinary investigations after people overstepped the mark at the office Christmas do. These could all have been avoided by following a few key tips on how to have festive fun without the faux pas,” she said.

Her top tip is about alcohol consumption, there are often stories of employees getting carried away under the mistletoe or photocopying their body parts after too much mulled wine. Whilst most people need a little Dutch courage to get on the dance floor, there is no need to over indulge.

Career progression is important to most people, but avoid using Christmas party nights as the time to ask your boss for a pay rise. Avoid inappropriate gifts if you are participating in Secret Santa. There is a small chance the recipient may never find out the gift was from you, but after a few drinks telling them you purchased the furry handcuffs could make work awkward for you both in the New Year.

Most importantly, remember the rise of social networking. In the past, what happened at the Christmas party usually stayed at the Christmas party but now there is a good chance that what happens at the Christmas party could end up on Facebook, so ensure you don’t get caught out.