Huffington Post launches HuffPost Weddings

The Huffington Post today announced the introduction of four new sections to its website, one of which is sure to be a hit with wedding reception planners and venues all around the world.

HuffPost Weddings will launch alongside HuffPost /50, which features topical discussion for over 50s; HuffPost High School, a place for teens to engage with one another and HuffPost Gay Voices that will explore LGBT issues affecting the community.

The new wedding section is sure to be a hit with those picking a wedding reception venue as it is to feature the sexy, savvy and informed talents of celebrities such as Heidi Klum and Kelly Meyer who will be blogging away with their unique wedding tips.

They will be joined by celebrity wedding planners Mindy Weiss, Sharon Sacks, and Preston Bailey, as well as designers such as Nanette Lepore and Angel Sanchez who will also pitch in about how to prepare the ultimate wedding.

All Things D reveals that the “one-stop-advice” shop will contain comprehensive coverage of weddings and marriage from all angles, from “untraditional wedding cakes and exotic dream honeymoons”, to the more practical, including tips on “navigating the world of wedding planners, contemporary wedding etiquette, and more.”

The site’s rapid expansion isn’t set to stop any time soon either. Last month it surpassed one billion page views for the first time while in August, it received more than 37 million unique visitors, with 5.1 million comments being posted.

Speaking on the weddings section of, site founder Arianna Huffington said that the new sections are part of the teams’ “continued effort to provide content, community, and a platform for self-expression for as many of our readers’ interests and passions as we can.”