Images of Pippa Middleton partying released

Anyone wondering what it is like to party with Pippa Middleton was given some insight thanks to a French television channel.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s sister has been the subject of a significant amount of media interest since the Royal Wedding in 2011, but this latest video seems to show a more candid representation of an event she attended.

She was pictured in a Paris club on Friday (April 13th) celebrating the 30th birthday of fashion entrepreneur Vicomte Arthur de Soultrait.

For those keen to work event spaces in the same way as Middleton, offered a series of party tips derived from the video. The news provider noted that she always looked like she was having a good time, laughed off an embarrassing situation, partied until late and avoided being quoted by journalists apart from a few choice words.

While her party style may have been praised by some, the costumes worn at the occasion received less positive press from certain publications, according to – as there were some revealing and racy outfits on show.

“A lot of the world considers that she (Pippa) is royal, and by association what she does has an influence on the royal family,” said Majesty magazine editor Ingrid Seward.

“It’s unfortunate for Pippa, it’s quite difficult for her. She has all the downside and not the upside. I know she has had a very hard time.”