Increase in demand for extra-long honeymoons

After celebrating at their best wedding venue with friends and family, most couples jet off on a 10-day or two-week honeymoon; however reports have suggested that couples are becoming more inclined to book a month-long break to celebrate their love.

According to, a recent study found 34 per cent of soon-to-be newlyweds had opted for four-week trips, or in some case, longer. These results provide a stark contrast to previously traditions, as it was thought around 20 years ago, the average time for a honeymoon was 1.5 weeks.

“It’s great to see couples choosing to turn their honeymoon into the trip of a lifetime, allowing them to see the world and experience a bit of adventure before settling into married life,” said travel expert, Alex Francis, in The Daily Mail.

Nicknamed the ‘honeymonth’, today’s honeymoons are also changing geographically, with loved-up couples turning to more long-distance destinations, such as Sri Lanka and Vietnam. They are also spending more on their trips, with an average of £4,113 being forked out – over eight times the average spent throughout the 1980s.

Furthermore, it has been found that most couples are using their entire holiday entitlement for the year, just so they can indulge in one long honeymoon; as well as foregoing the traditional wedding gifts, in favour of receiving cheques towards their big adventure.