Increased Eurostar rolling stock may make London a more attractive proposition

Improvements proposed to Eurostar’s international rail network might help attract more business people to London. 

Announcing revenues for 2012 which at £52.3 million were doubled that achieved in 2011, Eurostar said that it planned to reinvest some of the money into a new fleet of trains, while exploring possibilities of some new routes. These include a ‘ski train’ between London and some Swiss resorts, plus links to Lyon and Provence during the summer time, reports. 

It is currently in discussion with Dutch authorities with regard to creating a direct service between London and Amsterdam, a route that would surely be very attractive for business travellers as much as it would for holiday-makers.

Profits were up, due in no small part to the festivities surrounding the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics and Eurostar said that it had enjoyed a continued increase in demand of five per cent ever since. Non-EU passenger numbers rose by eight per cent, writes, yet business passenger number remained consistent.

What’s certain is that increased rolling stock, more convenient routes and improved services could well attract more business passengers or leisure passengers to some of London’s biggest events venues – be it for an international conference or a concert  – particularly at a time when air fares are expensive.

Consequently, news of Eurostar’s multi-million pound investment should we welcomed by many stakeholders in the city; its knock-on effects could be very advantageous.