Innovative chairs could save space and money

An innovative chair design could help events organisers save space and money during their event, confirmed.

The chair was designed by Jason Mace, who made the claims regarding his new folding banqueting chair in Event Industry News.

He claimed that its innovative design – which sees it “fold completely flat” – could make the world of difference for events professionals.

Mace explained: “The chair will reduce storage requirements by 50 per cent…it will allow double the amount of chairs to be moved by the same vehicle or allow a smaller, more economical vehicle to be used instead.”

The designer also said the chairs would be provided to customers at around 50 per cent of the average cost of the typical folding banqueting chair; providing further savings and cost efficiencies for events professionals and conference centres that may wish to try the design out.

Mace argued that the inspiration behind his design came from his company’s dedication to customer service. He added: “We are committed to providing our customers with the best competitive advantage possible; be that reduced costs, improved performance or innovative ideas.”

“These chairs fulfil all three and provide our customers with better operating efficiencies,” he added, concluding that the chair had been “well received” by those who had already seen it.