Interactivity is the key to event success, expert claims

Interactivity at conferences and events can increase the level of involvement and satisfaction felt by attendees, according to an industry expert.

Writing for Event Industry News, Rosa Garriga claims that delegates who leave conference centres feeling that they were actively involved in proceedings are more likely to give positive feedback than those who remain passive.

Garriga adds that event attendees who play an active role at conferences and events are much more likely to have a positive learning experience than those who simply sit and soak up the proceedings.

She points to the positive effect of technologies that allow delegates to vote on the action, give real-time feedback and make suggestions for sessions they would like to see at events.

In addition, Garriga suggests that interaction via social networks such as Twitter and Facebook can give attendees a sense of involvement, with questions posed via the platforms also proving useful for event organisers.

Ultimately, though, Garriga believes that interactive features should only be used at events if they serve a real purpose, and event organisers actually plan to take delegates’ contributions on board.   

“When designing your next event, don’t try to introduce doses of interactivity just for the sake of it,” Garriga advises in her column.

“Think first about who is your target market, what are their needs and motivations to come to your event, look at the options available and then decide what is more suitable,” she concludes.