International business meeting trends outlined by expert

With an increasing number of tourists travelling internationally according to, it is only common sense to believe employees will travel more and meet globally regarding business matters.

That’s one of the trends outlined by meetings expert Rob Hard, writing for, who believes everyone involved in the industry has a right to be optimistic about 2013.

He believes meetings will take on an even greater purpose, claiming the way “we meet today is completely different than how we met just five years ago”.

“At conventions, there’s a greater focus to incorporate one-on-one and small group meetings directly on the trade show floor. And for smaller meetings, there will be a greater focus on creating intimate experiences,” he said.

With live meetings, face-to-face meetings and live events on the rise, it is clear that many firms see hiring event venues and scheduling meetings/events as a solid strategy for “driving revenue growth and change management”, claims Hard.

“While this is certainly not a new idea, any time the value of meetings is elevated to the attention of senior management, it should be seen as a good thing,” he added.

Hard also believes business meetings and events will contribute to the growth of travel industry jobs while technology will play an increasing large role in the sector.