Internet security VP warns events industry about impact of web censorship

A top web security chief is urging events businesses to campaign for action against web censorship before it damages their industry.

David Preston, vice president at Kaspersky Lab, says that attempts by a number of countries to police internet usage could have a detrimental impact on the events industry.

Talking at event magazine C&IT’s Corporate Forum, he explained that foreign visitors will struggle to gain the information they need to attend an exhibition in another country if governments continue to censor content on web.

Cited by, Mr Preston commented: “If countries become more insular with the way they communicate through technology it could have a major impact on our industry.”

He said that British companies can ensure web censorship doesn’t harm their prospects by urging the government not to proceed with their plans.

“We need to lobby government to stop this behaviour and stop them from trying to control the internet,” he added.

While many businesses have grown fearful about the effect web censorship may have on their future, Google chairman Eric Schmidt believes he has come up with the answer.

Talking to, he claimed that “encrypting everything” could end censorship within a decade, with governments unable to penetrate the content.