Inventiveness the key to Christmas party success

Being inventive with the theme of a Christmas party is a sure-fire way of getting everyone to attend an event this year.

That’s according to Caroline Capel, director of retail and shopper insight at the research agency MMR Research Worldwide, who suggests that businesses are more likely to book their corporate Christmas parties at venues which dazzle and ooze creativity.

Speaking as part of‘s Christmas planning series, she believes this because corporate wallets might be tight in 2012 – as in 2011 – meaning greater efforts have to be made to secure bookings.

“Themed events are becoming really popular,” she reveals. “Christmas-themed and seasonal cookery events, for example also include tastings alongside quality meals, and hotels can combine use of spa facilities with golf days to make visits altogether more of a rounded experience.”

Hotels and restaurants throughout London appear to agree that themes are a top drawer for corporate bookers this year. One is offering its guests four distinct themes this holiday season including a ‘Winter Wonderland’, ‘Venetian Ball’, ‘Las Vegas’ and ‘Alice in Wonderland’. A top hotel restaurant meanwhile is to put on food preparation courses, before diners sit back and enjoy their efforts.

However, events based around food might not be for everyone. This week reported on research that claims 2.7 million women are beginning dieting especially for the holiday season.

Wherever corporate bookers end up securing their Christmas party event, Capel urged that event venue staff are well briefed ahead of the chosen theme.

“Be consistent,” she said. “Ensure your theme encompasses all elements of your customers’ visit and make sure all communication points are of the same Christmas theme and that staff are clear on the message that needs to be portrayed.”