IoM businesses to get conference boost

Businesses across the Isle of Man could hold more conferences, as the government has announced plans to offer them 40 per cent off the cost of events held on the mainland.

According to Energy FM, the financial assistance will come from the Department of Economic Development (DED), which has set out specific criteria that companies must meet in order to gain the 40 per cent saving.

It is thought that businesses must host the events in conference centres not situated on the IoM, and that they must be held throughout the Autumn/Winter season – namely between October and February.

Furthermore, at least 40 delegates must attend each conference, and some 32 of these (80 per cent) must be IoM residents.

Also, companies who apply for the funding should count Manx tax payers amongst their employees, and be based full time on the Island. 

The DED announced the plans as part of a review of the financial aid it currently provides to Manx businesses, and this extra funding should be of great businesses trying to network further afield, and get their name known on the mainland.

However before going ahead and booking a conference, businessmen and women on the IoM should consider the recent warnings from the Manx government regarding health and safety.

Its senior health promotion officer, Dawn Henley, warned of the consequences accidents sustained at work can have; potentially having a “devastating effect.” This will apply to work activities undertaken on or off the Island, so businesses should be extra vigilant when hosting an off-Island conference.