Is Kitty Brucknell set for a traditional wedding?

‘X Factor’ contestant Kitty Brucknell is far more traditional than she makes out on the television programme, according to her fiancé.

The Sun reported that Derek Gorman, who has been with Brucknell for six months, told friends that he has proposed to her but they have not had sex yet and they did not kiss until the fifth date.

Fans of the ‘X Factor’ have seen the singer sport some peculiar and revealing outfits in recent weeks, but Mr Gorman’s remarks suggest that when the pair hire out the  wedding location, it will be a far more conservative affair than her television appearances hint at.

“Everybody thinks Kitty is weird, fame-hungry and a diva. But that’s just Kitty the entertainer putting on a great show. In reality she’s none of those things. She is a sensitive, quiet girl who is very traditional at heart,” said the 31-year-old banker.

Mail Online pointed out that it is not just on the ‘X Factor’ that Brucknell has been seen being raunchy. The news provider highlighted how she was pictured straddling a dancer and gyrating around a pole in a London club last month.

Despite this, Mr Gorman insisted that all of the “drama and provocative outfits” are just part of her act on stage. He went on to claim that suggestions she is spoilt are wide of the mark and the abuse she gets is unwarranted.