Is .london on the way for event venues?

London businesses could snap themselves up a .london web domain name within months, thanks to a powerful promotional collaboration.

Top-Level Domain Holdings is to work with London’s tourism agency London & Partners to ensure that every city business is entitled to the unique web identifier, according to the Financial Times.

While it might seem like a novelty, the move could see a range of businesses adopt the title; be it a conference venue in London or a local pet shop.

According to TLDH’s executive chairman, Peter Dengate Thrush, .london will be a stand out name from the .co.uks and .coms of yesteryear. It could provide some real clout when it comes to marketing, it is thought.

“We expect the .london registry to be very successful, as London is such a powerful brand,” Thrush said. “We expect it will be one of the earliest ones available and that it will be very large.”

Several extremely large and powerful companies have already stated that they have made applications directly to ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers); staking their claim to a number of as-yet-unidentified Top Level Domains (TLDs), reports BBC News.

However, while some TLDs might be fought over – such as .eco and .gay, according to the FT – others like .london are widely expected to be passed with no quarrels.