Italian food is London's favourite

Catering at function venues may have an distinctly Italian flavour in future as a poll reveals it is London’s favourite cuisine.

Pizzas and pastas were voted above kormas and tandooris in the YouGov poll, according to the Press Association.

It also emerged than Londoners are still likely to treat themselves to a restaurant meal, despite the economic downturn. Around a quarter of people said they ate out two to three times a month.

Neil Darwin, of Opportunity Peterborough who commissioned the research comments: “Despite the recent tightening of our financial belts, the British people are undoing a few notches when it comes to their actual belts and regularly enjoying a good sit down meal in restaurants.”

The poll found 22 per cent of people chose Italian as their favourite, with Indian in close second at 20 per cent.

It also revealed that a quarter of diners spend more than £30 on a meal, and that one in ten people would tip a small amount – less than five per cent of the bill.

Mr Darwin said that “few things in life are as comforting as food,” and so it is important for people to budget for the odd meal out.

Last year Food Hygiene Online reported that the UK spends more than £3bn a year on pizza and that 90 per cent of Brits eat pizza once a week.