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January is popular for wedding proposals

January is becoming an increasingly popular month for marriage proposals, according to prnewswire.co.uk. Although many people propose in December, the first month of the year is gaining popularity.

The Christmas period and New Year in particular are full of proposals. The festivities and the buzz around Christmas can be romantic, causing a lot of couples to take the plunge. But January has a sense of renewal to it that is causing people to make slightly bigger New Year’s resolutions.

According to redliontrader.com the first month of the year can often find people making plans for the future so it makes logical sense that a marriage proposal would be a consideration. It’s a time for self-reflection and addressing what’s important in life.

This could cause an increase in the amount of people booking a wedding reception venue at the start of the year. Although the wedding itself may not be for some time, booking in advance is often essential to ensure couples get the venue of their choice.

Booking the venue in advance also allows more time to plan for the wedding itself. Making choices about the menu, the decorations and even the drinks selection is a time-consuming and painstaking process that many brides enjoy taking their time over.