Jenkins admits she’s been “rubbish” about wedding planning

Katherine Jenkins – who is set to marry television presenter Gethin Jones – has admitted how “rubbish” she has been about planning her wedding.

According to Mail Online, the opera singer has opened up about the never-ending preparation she is still to do; such as comparing  wedding venues and booking a caterer.

Even more importantly though, the pair are still to set an actual date. Jenkins revealed: “2012 is such a huge year, we’ve got the Olympics happening, the Queen’s Jubilee, my sister turns 30, there’s so many things happening that it doesn’t leave us with much time.

“We will do it, just not yet, there’s no rush. We will get round it [sic].”

Once the pair do indeed manage to set a date and tie the knot, Jenkins hasn’t been shy about her intentions to settle down with Jones. She has even admitted she’ll step back from the profession that has made her a household name in order to have babies.

“If you’re lucky enough to have kids, you want to enjoy it,” the mezzo-soprano told Wales Online. “I don’t want to compromise on that. Honestly, family is so important to me. It’s much more important than my career.”

Jenkins added that although she would contemplate returning to music after having kids, if she wasn’t successful in doing so, she’d simply spend her time enjoying being a mother.