Johnson wants London to become a "smart city"

London Mayor Boris Johnson has reiterated his desire for London to become a “smart city” with technology boosting its transport, administration and infrastructure.

Reported by, deputy mayor for business, Kit Malthouse – on Johnson’s behalf – lifted the lid on the “Smart London” board, which will examine how technology can help London become a better place.

For instance, the board is considering introducing a ring of delivery hubs around London so businesses can deliver goods to the ‘outer ring’ without the need to venture into the city centre.

It also plans to make a range of public data available in order to stimulate innovation. Event venues can use this information to monitor service interruptions so they can inform those who have booked events to rearrange their transport routes in the event of a Tube closure, for instance.

London already uses a number of “smart” technologies including the Oystercard, a contactless payment system, and its congestion charging system. reports

Johnson commented on the drive: “London has been at the forefront of technological wizardry for generations, but in a rapidly changing world we will need to work harder than ever to stay ahead of the game.

“We must harness the huge potential that new technology offers us, and by drawing on the expertise of some of the brightest minds around we can make our great city an even smarter one too.”