Kardashian divorce won't put people off fairytale weddings

The recent announcement by Kim Kardashian that she is to divorce Kris Humphries, after only 72 days of marriage, won’t put people off the whole ‘fairytale wedding’ idea.

That’s according to writer and author of ‘The Bridesmaid Guide’, Kaye Chynoweth, making reference to Kardashian’s extravagant nuptials – held back in August 2011.

Even though the marriage itself all went wrong, the public will still be in love with a good old fairytale romance, Chynoweth said.

“Our tendency is to believe the bride and groom’s public avowals of love…We want to imagine that romance trumps everything else. Plenty of people believed in the couples’ devotion,” she argued, referring to Kardashian and Humphries’ short-lived relationship. There is no reason this won’t continue, Chynoweth implied.

In fact, it may even be that, despite the divorce, brides still take inspiration from Kardashian when decorating their chosen wedding venue or picking their dress – particularly as reports have suggested the pair looked like “a princess and prince”.

However they may wish to downsize a little if taking inspiration from the pair’s special day, as Ibitimes.com revealed that in total, the entire affair cost around £12.5 million to hold. What’s more, the ring Humphries proposed to Kardashian with – totalling 20 carats – was worth a whopping £1.2 million.