Keep an open mind when looking for a last-minute wedding venue

Bride and grooms-to-be should keep an open mind when looking for a last-minute wedding venue, as their first choice might not be available, a wedding planner advises.

Writing for, Joe Blackman, CEO of wedding planners Collection 26, says be prepared to compromise on the venue. This may mean reducing guest numbers or having a small change in location. Naturally, all important decisions such as these should be discussed with the other half beforehand, he adds.

To make people’s lives easier, Mr Blackman recommends couples choose an easy wedding venue. This means hiring something that already looks great and doesn’t require a lot of work.

Supermodel Susan Holmes-McKagan, who used to be on TV show ‘Married To Rock’, notes there are a few things that shouldn’t be forgotten on the wedding day. For example, phone chargers, aspirin, water and tissues all come in handy on the big day, she writes on – so these should probably be packed in advance.

Mr Blackman states there’s no shame in asking others for help, especially the parents.

“Most would love to help you put together your special day and be a part of creating it,” he explains. “Talk to them about responsibilities they might help you with to ease some of the pressure, and once you have set out your timeline and budget this will make this quite easy to do.”