Keep staff motivated with team building events

Business owners can keep their staff motivated by organising corporate team building events, it has been claimed.

According to employment and HR expert Suresh Naidoo, team building days can be a cost-effective way of keeping staff engagement at a high, whilst boosting employee motivation.

In a recent article which he wrote for Times Live, Naidoo said workers want to be able to expand their range of skills and experience different aspects of their company. Companies can achieve this by hosting an employee ‘away day’ at venues for hire and organising a range of inter-departmental team building activities for staff.

Corporate team building days are a great way of getting employees out of the office and into a comfortable environment where they can put forward new ideas and contributions. Being able to have their say and to be listened to makes employees feel valued. He added that staff should be able to have an input in the types of reward and recognition programmes that are made available to them.

As reported by The MotivAction Group Mr Naidoo said: “Organisations should develop creative ways to recognise performance. Employees should be approached for suggestions on the non-financial rewards that appeal to them. In this way, the possibility of buy-in from them would increase.”