Keep the music appropriate for a wedding reception to run smoothly, says guide

A wedding guide has recommended brides and grooms keep reception music appropriate if they want it to run smoothly. 

The post, published on this week, read: “The wedding where the thumping of techno music begins the second that the couple walks through the door and doesn’t end until the cake-cutting. That is not the way to do it.”

It continued: “Your guests might be too polite to say this to you, but don’t be surprised to find a group of them standing in the toilet to avoid the loud music.” 

Instead it was recommended that music is played lightly throughout the cocktail hour so that guests are able to talk to each other easily and only turned up when it’s time to hit the dance floor. 

Another suggestion for a successful wedding reception, according to the article, is to make sure all guests are greeted. It is claimed that even a quick “hi, how are you, thanks for coming and bye” greeting can make guests feel appreciated.

A further article posted this week on also gave tips about how to have a successful wedding day. These included banning social media, setting a clear dress code for guests to follow and keeping things personal to the bride and groom, rather than following formalities.