Keep Valentine's Day proposals simple and surprising says expert

A marriage proposal should be kept simple and surprising, according to Proposal planner, Michele Velazquez has given her top tips on how to make a Valentine’s Day proposal unforgettable.

Although some women will be expecting a proposal on the most romantic day of the year, it doesn’t mean that making it a surprise is impossible. Trying to throw off a partner is one way to keep the element of surprise.

Ms Velazquez recommends telling a partner that dinner plans have been made and then surprising her on the way out with a choir to serenade her or choosing an unexpected time to propose.

She said: “Do not have a waiter bring your ring out on a tray or anything predictable. The element of surprise is a must, especially on Valentine’s Day.” Keeping it simple could make it easier to plan the proposal as well. Not hiding the ring in a silly place makes life easier in that the risk of forgetting where it is reduced. reported that couples can pay up to £135,000 to have their proposal made into a television advert. But it’s important to take into account individual personality. It may be worth booking the wedding reception venue or speaking to a wedding planner in advance to take some of the stress out of the proposal.