Keeping kids' party costs down

Parents are more likely to feel the economic pinch than they used to, particularly if they have more than one child.

However one thing they don’t usually want to scrimp on is their children’s birthday parties; researching venues for hire and inviting all their friends to give them a bash to remember.

This can be a pricey event though, so writer Sue Kirchner has shared some tips on how to keep the price down on

She advised parents not to go overboard with the invitations or with the number of children they invite. Kirchner remarked: “Don’t feel like you need to invite every kid in your child’s class. More does not equal better…too many kids is overwhelming.”

She also said parents can make the cake more exciting by placing plastic toys of their favourite characters all over it, in addition to combining the party bags with the party activities.

“Make sure one of your birthday party activities is also the take-home favour for the party guests,” Kirchner suggested. “If you have a cookie-decorating party, the kids take home a bunch of cookies.”

The writer concluded on by stating that if parents time the party right, they won’t even have to lay out a full meal for the guests. Furthermore, she advised parents to take games they already have at home to the venue – such as a karaoke machine or tea sets.

“Have a karaoke machine? Throw a diva party!” Kirchner said. “Have a lot of tea sets? Host a teddy bear tea party! Have a cool telescope? Stargazing party!”