Key to enjoy a Christmas party is not inviting the boss

The key to throwing a successful  corporate Christmas bash is to not invite the boss, according to a survey undertaken by restaurant chain TGI Fridays, reports the Daily Mail.

The survey had over 2,000 respondents and it found that one in three employees do not believe they can have fun with their manager around. One in five admitted they’d rather the boss didn’t attend their Christmas do at all and 27 percent were found to be worried that they’d be unable to resist telling them exactly what they think, after a few cocktails or beers.

Shockingly, one percent of respondents revealed that they had previously quit a job at the Christmas party and one in eight were worried that their anger towards their boss could turn physical if provoked. The director of TGI Fridays, Darrell Wade, said: “The office Christmas party is all about cutting loose, having fun and celebrating all the hard work the staff have put in over the year.”

“Bosses who want to join in the party should give their staff what they want, which is a mix of lively atmosphere, great food and indulgent cocktails. Of course, look on the bright side, over half the population don’t mind the boss coming along, even if the only reason is to pick up the tab.” concludes Wade.

To avoid any potential confrontation, The Guardian suggests staying one drink behind the boss at all times – and if people feel alcohol is the only way to calm their nerves, alternate between alcoholic and soft drinks. Finally, fill up at the buffet, which may go some way to soaking up any booze-fulled rants that are lurking.