Kim Kardashian chooses wedding date

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has finally set a date for what is set to be the reality wedding of the year, but everyone who knows the big day has been sworn to secrecy.

Even Kathie Lee Gifford of the ‘TODAY’ show – and close friend of Kim’s – has been told to keep schtum.

She spoke to Rob Shuter, entertainment reporter at Popeater, about the big day: “I’ve been told a particular date. Darn right [she and husband Frank Gifford] are going to that wedding.”

Kim hasn’t picked a specific dress yet, nor made a comparison of wedding reception venues, but, according to Shuter, “we do know she does want something classic and in the style of Old Hollywood.” cites more information from Shuter, who has “been told” by a family insider that “close friends of the family are being given [a date] towards the beginning of August”.

“The last Kardashian wedding was insane,” said the family insider. “This time Momma Kris wants time to plan and prepare and make sure the entire family has time to enjoy getting ready for the big day. Kris deserves this moment…and Kim fully intends to make sure every detail is just perfect.”

Kim is filming the perilous road to the wedding and the special walk down the aisle for a 2-hour special on entertainment channel E!.