Knock-on delays affect London airports

Those travelling in and out of London have been told they may still expect delays because of knock-on effects from yesterday’s fog disruption, reports.  

Wednesday (11th) saw thick flog blanket London and cause lengthy flight delays in Heathrow and London City Airport. Now, although most of the fog has since lifted, travellers have been advised to check their itinerary before making the trip as knock-on effects have caused some shorter delays.

At its peak on Wednesday morning, every single flight in London Heathrow and City airports were delayed or cancelled altogether. This is thought to have been the reason for the lengthy delay in getting fully back up to speed, with a large backlog sending the issues into a second day.

Heathrow was among the worst affected as it runs at 99 per cent capacity under normal conditions. In order to leave more room between taxiing craft, however, certain flights had to be cancelled or delayed.

It wasn’t only London which was impacted by fog but a number of regional airports were also affected, including Southampton, where some 16 flights had been cancelled by lunchtime Wednesday.

Whilst most services are now running to normal time, travellers are still urged to keep abreast of developments and expect short delays. Those on long haul trips may be largely unaffected, however, as many of the issues concern shorter trips to Belfast, Berlin, Dublin and Paris, claims.