Kym Marsh set for intimate 2012 wedding

Actress and former pop star Kym Marsh has said she will wed her fiancé next year in an “intimate” ceremony.

In an interview with the Sunday People, Marsh explained that she and Jamie Lomas were supposed to get married this year, but that the ceremony was pushed back when she became pregnant with her daughter Polly, who is now eight months old.

The former Hear’Say singer revealed that Lomas is very keen to tie the knot in 2012, although the couple are happy as they are. In terms of what type of wedding reception venue fans can expect to see them in, Marsh said they want to have a very small ceremony, but will probably follow it up with a big party with friends and family.

She remarked: “We are committed to each other. We have a baby together and we’re engaged. Marriage is the next step but it’s not necessary to make us a firm couple – we already are one.”

Mail Online noted that Marsh has three children – Polly, 16-year-old David and 14-year-old Emily – but she had to deal with the tragic death of her son Archie, who passed away while still an infant.

The 35-year-old mother temporarily split from Lomas after the incident, but they soon reconciled and now refer to Archie as their guardian angel.