Lack of airport expansion decision impacting British economy

The long-term growth potential of the UK economy is being negatively impacted because the government has so far failed to decide which London airport should receive an expansion, a group of business leaders have claimed.

Let Britain Fly, the campaign group behind the claim, has published a letter stating that the government needs to respond to the interim report from the Airport Commission. Bosses of businesses such as House of Fraser, Thomas Cook and Dixons all signed the letter, with some 50 people in total putting their names to it, reports

The Airport Commission set out its recommendations for increasing airport capacity more than six months ago, but the government isn’t expected to make a decision until after the next general election. At the moment, Heathrow and Gatwick are both fighting to get an expansion.

Labour and Liberal Democrat politicians are currently siding with a Gatwick expansion, with many senior members saying it’s the only possible option, reports

In the letter, Let Britain Fly notes that the lack of decision makes it look as if the government is wavering.

“More than 20 emerging market destinations are served by daily flights from other European cities, but not from London,” Let Britain Fly states. “It is lack of political leadership that is causing Britain’s international connectivity to fall behind our competitors.”