Lady Gaga serenades newly-wed couple in London

A couple who were celebrating recently getting married were serenaded by popstar Lady Gaga whilst they were drinking in London.

According to The Sun, the couple from New Zealand had recently got married and were celebrating with friends they met at the backpackers’ hostel they were staying in.

The pub in West London wasn’t serving as their wedding reception venue, but the bride said the unexpected performance was something she’d always remember.

Julie Searle said: “It was unbelievable. We were toasting our future by drinking champagne and beer with some guys we met in the hostel we were staying at. Then Lady Gaga, dressed in this fabulous cerise dress, came in with her entourage. She stood at the bar and ordered a drink for everyone.”

As reported by The London Evening Standard, the popstar asked them if they were celebrating their wedding. When they explained they were, Lady Gaga said the occasion called for a song and one of their hostel friends rushed back to his room to grab his guitar.

“After he came back he spoke with her and her people and they played Gimme Shelter by the Rolling Stones for us in the back room,” Julie said. “She was really cool but her entourage stopped anyone recording it. I would have liked a reminder, but then I’m sure I’ll never forget it.”