LBD day marks last chance for weight loss before the work Christmas party

With Christmas party nights just around the corner, women all over the country will be digging out their favourite little black dress (LBD) in preparation for the big night.

According to nutritionists, yesterday (25 October) officially marked the last chance to begin a sensible six week diet, to ensure women’s killer LBD fits perfectly for the corporate Christmas party.

The Atkins Diet which promotes a low carb, high protein healthy eating lifestyle all year round, hope the launch of LBD Day will raise awareness of the dangers of crash dieting.

Atkins’ chief nutritionist Linda Byrne told the Daily Express: “There are times of the year when we see spikes in enquiries and this is one of them. Research shows enquiries ahead of the Christmas party season are mostly from women keen to lose weight so they can look great in their LBDs.”

“Everybody wants to feel good when they are out partying- but many leave it too late and go on a crash diet in December. This is counterproductive as the danger is you go out drinking on an empty stomach. Plus any weight you have lost is likely to go straight back on the moment you start tucking in to the party food.”