Leaders need to ensure meetings run smoothly, advises expert

Uneventful meetings ‘demoralise, bore and above all, make sure things don’t get done’ so it is important for meeting organisers to prepare and engage with attendees to the best of their ability.

That’s the opinion of Avi Kaye, writing for business2community.com, who believes that ineffective meetings are the ‘worst thing since the invention of New Coke’.

Consequently, meeting organisers need to make sure that before they enter the conference space, their agenda is set in stone and sent out to everyone ahead of time.

“This gives the other people coming to the meeting the opportunity to review it, comment on it, add to it, and come prepared. A meeting that everyone has prepared for is more action, and less vague guessing,” he writes.

Furthermore, all attendees should be prepared to stick to this agenda. However, topics will fly across the table but if they are related to the agenda, then it is worth letting them ‘play out a bit’. Blog.pgi.com also admits that meeting agendas are a vital part of ‘getting tasks completed’.

Overall, it is worth keeping on topic as this allows the meeting to be ‘focused, driven and interesting’.

“I cannot stress the interesting bit enough,” he said. “When people are interested, they’ll be more invested in the ideas that come out of the meeting, they’ll be enthusiastic about coming to the next meeting and you’ll become the new meeting king.”