Let staff know the behaviour that is expected of them at the Christmas party, says expert

A business expert has said that managers should let staff know what level of behaviour is expected of them before the company Christmas party.  

Jason Hesse was writing for realbusiness.co.uk this week. He said: “Let staff attending parties know in advance what acceptable standards of behaviour are expected of them. Make it clear that your usual disciplinary policies apply, even if the party is being held away from the workplace.” 

The guidance was just one bit of the advice that Hesse gave in the article for managers about their Christmas parties. Other advice included watching out for drug use and informing staff that they must turn up for work the following day, even if they have a hangover. It is also recommended in the article that bosses don’t provide too much alcohol, or force employees to drink too much, as this could lead to violence that may need to be addressed back in the office.      

The guidance is useful considering it was also reported by reveal.co.uk this week that British workers will go to three parties over the festive season, according to research from Travelodge. The firm also found that 25 per cent of companies said that they would be going “all out” this Christmas.