Level four apprenticeship launched within hospitality industry

A new level four apprenticeship framework has been introduced, helping those working in the hospitality ‘bridge the gap’ between the skills learned in an early apprenticeship and those needed to work in a senior hospitality role.

According to bighospitality.co.uk, People 1st is responsible for the new framework – commonly known as the Higher Apprenticeship in Hospitality Management.

It’s set to provide relevant training to those hoping to forge a long-lasting career in the industry; perhaps those hoping to eventually manage event spaces or restaurants. The person leading People 1st’s apprenticeship work, Ruth Asker-Browne, explained how the framework had been created.

She stated: “We’ve worked closely with learners, employers, mentors and assessors from across the hospitality industry to make sure that this new framework will deliver practical but rigorous training that has been designed specifically for the hospitality industry.

“Whereas intermediate and advanced apprenticeships focus on developing the front line and supervisory skills employers need within their organisation, the new framework will provide a clear career development path into management for learners.”

Asker-Browne also revealed on hotel-magazine.co.uk that training the upcoming generation of hospitality professionals is vital for the industry, especially if its businesses expect to thrive in coming years. She believes the new framework will support this.