Licence change could boost entertainment venues

Function venues in the UK could be allowed to offer live music without a licence if new government proposals go ahead, with a public consultation launched on Saturday (September 10th).

Tourism minister Mike Penrose explained that his team is working from a basic rule of thumb that if a rule or regulation has no good reason behind it, then it should be scrapped, reported BBC News.

The consultation will gauge how changes to the guidelines governing the entertainment industry could be safely relaxed for venues with a capacity under 5,000 people.

Mr Penrose said: “Before we press ahead, it is important that we get the views of those working in the industry, and to make sure that the principles of public safety, prevention of public nuisance and the protection of children from harm are safeguarded.”

The Licensing Act 2003 reforms will be open to comments and criticisms until December 3rd 2011, but venues should note that no changes are being considered for boxing, wrestling and sexual entertainment.

According to The Telegraph, the government wants to make the licence system more logical, in order to avoid the current situation, which often lacks common sense.

The Department of Culture, Media and Sport gave examples including how an opera or folk duo require a licence to perform in a pub, but the same place can broadcast football games to a rowdy crowd without the same paperwork.