License to sue? Middleton-family breaches Bond licensing rights

Members of the party-planning Middleton family could find themselves in hot water with James Bond’s legal team after advertising a number of unlicensed 007 products on their website. reports that the Party Pieces family business, owned by the Duchess of Cambridge’s mother Caroline Middleton, has caught the eye of Bond producers Eon Productions for promoting a number goods and images linked to the popular franchise.

Such images include a logo promoting 007’s latest outing ‘Skyfall’, which includes a stencil of lead actor Daniel Craig starring down the barrel of a gun, in iconic black and white fashion.

More disconcerting to function and event venues however, is that Party Pieces is also potentially breaching licensing rights for selling party goods under a section showing customers how to throw a perfect ‘James Bond Secret Agent Party’.

These items include paper martini glasses and tuxedo-shaped gift boxes, as well as ‘0’ and ‘7’ helium balloons.

A spokesperson for UK-based Eon Productions confirmed that the case has been referred to its legal and marketing departments. They said: “It is not something we comment on but the film makers are very protective of everything they have built up. It is something we take very seriously.”

According to, Eon Productions is owned by Albert R. Broccoli’s daughter, Barbara Broccoli, and stepson, Michael G. Wilson, who have produced the Bond films since Albert’s death in 1996.