Line-up for 2010 London Festival revealed

The line-up for the London 2012 Festival has been revealed and comprises actors, musicians and performers from around the world, reports Breaking Travel News.

The event will run alongside the Olympic games, and will celebrate what is to be an amazing year for the capital through song, dance, visual arts, film and theatre. The festival is set to attract the likes of Mike Leigh, Jude Law, Damon Albarn, Olafur Eliasson, David Hockney, Cate Blanchett and Jamie Hewlett.

“This is an exciting first group of commissions for the London 2012 Festival, and there is much more to come, which will be announced next year,” says chair of the Cultural Olympiad Board, Tony Hall.

“Leading artists from all over the world will come together for a wonderful finale – 2012 is going to be a stupendous summer of sports and arts, the whole of the UK in celebration,” concludes Hall. The festival will likely prompt a surge in the rental of event spaces, with performers and visitors alike holding their own celebrations.

Organisers are expecting around 3 million people to attend the festival, which has been hailed as an “extraordinary, once in a lifetime” experience – one which is costing the British economy around £83 million. There will be approximately 1,000 events spread across 12 weeks, beginning June 21st 2012 and ending September 9th 2012, reports The Telegraph.

Actor Jude Law said of the festival: “It is important for the festival to make people across the UK aware that this is not just a London-based event. It is an event that includes everyone in the UK and on a global levels, and it is an event that hopefully will seek to remind people of the possibilities of unification and truce.”