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LinkedIn CEO reveals time-saving meeting gem

Eliminating presentations is one of the ways LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner makes sure his meetings are all worthwhile, according to his latest blog post.

Heading up a popular professional network makes Weiner a man in great demand, however his latest blog reveals how he eliminates ‘busyness’ caused through attendance in inane meetings. Number one is making meetings valuable.

According to Weiner, the team at LinkedIn have a new meeting philosophy: no presentations. All content is sent to delegates 24 hours in advance so they can read it beforehand when travelling to the meeting venues, commuting home or from their desks. Delegates are given a further five minutes in the meeting to refresh their memories and then a discussion will begin, no one person presents.

He says the practice might seem awkward at first, but it has proved welcome at LinkedIn, with positive participant reaction. Instead of sitting bored, “the meeting can now be exclusively focused on generating a valuable discourse”, he said. 

To create some time in his own busy day, Weiner told that he has started to schedule in 30 to 90-minute blocks of free time, having discovered that it is during these ‘buffers’ that he gets most of his job done. He says that the time is crucial, as one of the responsibilities of leadership is ‘to create the time-space to strategise’.

“If you don’t take the time to think proactively, you will increasingly find yourself reacting to your environment rather than influencing it,” he said. “The resulting situation will inevitably require far more time (and meetings) than thinking strategically would have to begin with.”