Live Music Act to apply to even more venues

Medium-sized event venues could find themselves integrated into the Live Music Act as government proposals suggest the audience threshold could be increased, reports

By amending the act, venues with a capacity of up to 500 will be exempt from licensing requirements. At the moment, the current limit is 200 people.

The proposal, which comes following a consultation by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, also wants to treat recorded music in the same way as live music. In addition, 500-strong community premises like churches and village halls will also be exempt as part of the plan but circuses will not have an audience threshold.

The only restriction on recorded and live music is that is played only between the hours of 8am and 11pm.

Speaking to about the legislation, The Live Music Forum’s Phil Little stated: “The Live Music Forum campaigned for almost twenty years to bring about these changes and they are more than we hoped for.

“However, it is plain that much of the damage to the scene has already been done. Without an improvement in audience attendance across the board we have an awful long way to go to match the vibrance of live music performance in previous decades,” he added.