Live Music Act welcomed by industry experts

Industry experts have welcomed the passing of an act that cuts restrictions of live music in small event spaces (Like the Smeaton Vaults), reports Event Magazine.

Bands playing low-key venues on a UK tour will no longer be cut off by the promoters for unstated reasons as the Live Music Act no longer requires small venues to gain local authority permission to hold live performances between the hours of 8am and 11pm.

The act, which is likely to come into force by autumn 2012, also removes “audience limitations” for performances of unamplified live music.

Musicians have Lib Dem Peer Tim Clement-Jones Bath MP Don Foster to thank as they introduced and promoted the bill in the Commons respectively.

Jo Dipple, chief executive of the music industry’s umbrella body UK Music, welcomed the law, telling Record Of The Day: “For a Private Members’ Bill to receive Royal Assent is a monumental achievement, even more so for one that is introduced in the House of Lords.

“The global success of our industry is dependent on a flourishing network of small venues, where tomorrow’s headliners can learn their craft and develop their career. Allowing these venues the freedom to host live music is a huge boost for British artists and means more opportunities for developing talent, as well as enriching our local communities and the economy overall,” she added.