Live music events boost UK economy by millions

Live music events boost the UK economy by millions of pounds every year, with a large proportion coming from music tourism, according to BBC News.

A survey carried out by UK Music, the body which represents the music industry, found that in 2009, 7.7 million people visited a variety of summer festivals and concerts, contributing £864 million. Additionally, it provides the equivalent of 19,700 jobs.  

Of this, almost £150 million was spent by overseas tourists.

The Destination Music report found that “iconic” event venues, writes The Guardian, were attracting visitors from abroad to the most unlikely corners of the UK.

Chief Executive of UK Music and former Undertones front man, Feargal Sharkey said: “For music fans, going to the Salford Lads Club might be just as important as a visit to Buckingham Palace or Stonehenge. We are seen as a destination for music lovers and we should be proud of that.” 

The contribution of music tourism has been hailed a “valuable asset” by the body, who has called for the Government to take steps to attract more music tourists to the UK. They recommend relaxing the visa process for overseas artists, enabling them to perform in the UK more easily and exempting small venues from licensing regulations to encourage concerts.