Location of corporate Christmas party vital

Firms should think carefully about where they hold their where to hold their Christmas party, as it can play a part in how successful the occasion is.

OfficeBroker.com explained in a blog that holding the event at a venue close to public transport links is important, since it will simplify the journey home for attendees.

Party planners were advised that it may best to have the celebration somewhere away from the office, since this will allow people to relax in a “neutral” location, while considering the preferences of different age groups in the company can help to ensure everyone has a good time.

“The office Christmas party is a way of saying thank you to loyal hard-working employees, bringing together the workforce for one night and forgetting the many pressures stress the previous year has brought,” the blog entry read.

However, information officer at the Citizens Advice Bureau, Sian Fisher, added in the Belfast Telegraph that employers must consider their legal responsibilities so that they do not run into any problems over the festive season.

As well as making sure their staff can safely party the night away and make it home without having drunk too much, companies may want to remind employees that they should not be absent from work the following day unless they have a “genuine reason”.